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Our Opinion on Mainstream Supplements

Our Opinion on Mainstream Supplements

PRANAVA adopted each individual formula based on a multitude of factors which most other companies seem to neglect. Each of our products has been meticulously designed so that even in excess, will not form disharmony within the body. This was done in accordance with research to assure that each individual ingredient is properly utilized at its most potential to then optimize the targeted systems. Through the use of the antioxidant network within the body, potent active ingredients introduced at maximal potential can then establish a synergistic and/or additive effect with one another, therefore enhancing optimal systems along with their mechanisms. PRANAVA products have been created so that these ingredients work in accordance with one another, as a whole, well enough to achieve this synergistic effect rather than additive, therefore, best contributing to the well-being of the consumer.

In regards to most generic supplements on the other hand, various ingredients, when used in excess, may cause detrimental forms of toxicity within the body, therefore causing a cascade of side-effects. This is based on the fact that other brands have a form of non-holistic approach, where ingredients are not taken into accordance when regarding excess, due to the fact that it is assumed that they are either absent or minimal within the diet. The low-quality ingredients in mainstream brands and/or markets fail to deliver products most effective and efficient to the consumer. In most cases, they: 1) may cause more harm than good, 2) are not well absorbed nor utilized within the body, therefore rendering them useless, or 3) utilize high doses of a popular ingredients, when something more suitable, but less popular, is available which is more pertinent to the consumer’s needs. The availably of information is either overloaded, conflicted, or lacking to consumers, when pertaining to better, but less popular alternatives. Mainstream brands and/or markets have tendencies of starting fads based on little scientific evidence, or lack in quality as a whole. In regards to their products, they may, to a small extent work in an additive fashion, but more on an individualistic scale, therefore not striving towards that synergy for optimal results.

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