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To improve people’s lives, so they can better pursue their goals and desires.


To provide quality of life enhancing products that effectively and consistently deliver optimal results.


Creating shared value by aligning our positive impact on societal health with our company success.

There are thousands of natural health products on the market. Many of these are unnecessary or mis-marketed. Others do provide some benefits; however, consumers are often not aware that better options are available.

Rather than simply promising the “best” product features or limiting our focus to condition-specific outcomes, we aim to provide the most value. To maximize this, here are our criteria:

  1. What works right: We aim to strengthen the body’s foundation for good health by supporting, all at once, energy levels, proper function, and overall well-being.
  2. What works well: We take a holistic approach and carefully consider the best possible results.
  3. What works reliably: We strive to exceed Health Canada’s compliance for efficacy and safety, especially over long-term use.

More than just a supplement company, Pranava was created out of a necessity and desire to better serve people.

Indeed, there is no substitute for a healthy diet. However, there is much more to health factors from food compounds than simply the prevention of nutrient deficiencies.

Even with our formulas contain unique blends of medicinal plant extracts, not readily found in fruits and vegetables, with many proven health benefits. These are intended to not just complement but also enhance a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The complete absence of disease is not necessarily an adequate measure of good health. One major issue to consider is the damage of stress, whether it be emotional, physical, or chemical (air pollution, pharmaceuticals, processed foods, alcohol, cleaning products, personal products, contaminants, and so on). If this was not enough, the burden is further compounded with the effects of aging. Once past our early 20s, the body’s natural defenses start to break down. The result is the manifestation of chronic dysfunctions, reduced energy levels, reduced sex drive, varying mood disorders, weight gain and loss of muscle – just to name a few.

Our products may considerably help reduce and adapt to the damaging effects related to stress. If you are over 35, Pranava is your best choice!

The most commonly reported benefits include improved energy levels, better mood, less joint pains, reduced frequency & severity of colds, better libido, hair and nail growth, and improved subjective well-being. The benefits vary according to many factors, including health status, lifestyle, age and the person’s unique biochemistry. The fastest and most dramatic results tend to be in those who are 40+ and people “on the go”.

Most people report feeling a noticeable difference after 3-5 weeks (sometimes longer) of use. Some, after 1-2 weeks. A few, after only several days.

It should be noted that not all derived health benefits are necessarily felt. Some long-term users were not able to definitely confirm any obvious benefits until they have stopped for some time, after which, have reverted back to their baseline; once they have started taking the supplements again, the benefits have been reconfirmed.

The most commonly reported side effects may be headache, dizziness, digestive discomfort and insomnia (if taken late during the evening). However, the risk of getting side effects are rare and their effects are mild. Taking the supplements with an adequate meal has helped prevent their recurrence. Our products may interact with certain medication.

See each product label for details regarding cautionor feel free to contact us. We always suggest visiting your doctor and let them know about the supplements you are taking and these products are right for you.

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  • Our products are intended to complement nutritional intake from a (healthy) diet.

What our products can do for you

High quality natural health products.
Pranava helps and supports the function and balance of the body’s systems.

Connective Tissue Integrity
Metabolic Plus
Immune Vitality

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