Concept of Overall Health Supported by the Pillars of Health

Concept of Overall Health Supported by the Pillars of Health


Environmental stressors can cause permanent damage to cells and overall health. These include activities which involve physical stress or events which involve cognitive stress. Over time, they can decrease the lifespan of an individual. However, when considering the adaptability of the individual to overcome such a stressor, they can increase the lifespan by a considerable amount. As the lifespan progresses, these stressors slowly deteriorate the foundations (pillars) supporting overall wellbeing of the individual, therefore resulting in age related bodily dysfunctions. Most of these dysfunctions are irreversible, thereby defining physical or age-related disease symptoms. If these attributes were to be changed on a cellular level, thereby increasing the adaptability in overcoming such stressors, the individual can then age at a significantly lower rate than the average.

Organisms in general use this concept to overcome environmental stresses and evolve to the conditions in which they are subjected to. Under optimal conditions where the organism is fed with an adequate amount of nutrient and/or circumstance to overcome the stress at hand, the organism can then evolve an adaptability with more efficient energy expenditure in the long run.  

~ Pranava’s formulations are designed to respond to your body’s needs and strengthen your body’s foundation ~

This leads way into our concept of the Pillars of Health. The pillars on their own comprise of different aspects which support overall health. As one pillar fails and/or gives way, the overall health would be compromised, due to the lack of a proper foundation. Optimally, a proper equilibrium within the foundation would enable a better state of overall health, which is our end goal. By giving extra support to these pillars, which comprises the very foundation for overall health, you therefore create a system which supports an unopposable state. 


Pillars of Health:


1-     Spiritual: Sense of control, meaningful purpose, beliefs & positive attitudes, etc.

2-     Rest/Intermission: Quality sleep, period of rest or meditation, intermittent fasting, leisure, etc.

3-     Fitness: Strength, cardio, flexibility, endurance, etc.

4-     Socio-Emotional: Self-awareness/boundaries of identity and goals, defined social role, intimacy, etc.

5-     Nutritional: Nutrient-rich foods, wide variety of phytochemicals, mindful eating, balanced diet, etc.










PRANAVA’s supplements have been designed to overcome this exact issue through defining and strengthening the support of each individual pillar, thereby surpassing the dynamics in which reinforce the very support system for overall wellbeing. One pillar is dependent on the other but they are, as well, independent to one another. Compared to aging itself – the measures of these pillars affect not only the quality of life, but mortality itself. The Pillars of Health are a snapshot at one specific moment, where the dynamics and inter-play between the pillars support overall health. As PRANAVA helps to reinforce these pillars in order to achieve more foundational support, our products strengthen as well as solidify the individual’s health.


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