Connective Tissue Integrity

Connective Tissue Integrity


CONNECTIVE TISSUE INTEGRITY combines herbal ingredients that support whole body cellular and tissue health, while mainly targeting three of our body systems: connective tissue, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system. Together, these systems strengthen one another in a multifunctional fashion for an overall structured network.


That in mind, the formula has been designed to help the body stabilize as well as synthesize collagen and elastin (the building blocks that give tissues their strength and elasticity, respectively), support the mechanism of the circulatory system (by increasing the blood flow & reinforcing the blood vessels), and protect cells & tissues from excessive stress. These benefits that support our internal systems may also extend directly or indirectly to many other systems such as the skin and eyes (organs most vulnerable to damage over time).


CONNECTIVE TISSUE INTEGRITY has also been designed to provide equilibrating targets pertaining to nootropic as well as cardiotonic effects. In basic terms, nootropics are substances having modulating effects pertaining to cognitive enhancement, whereas cardiotonics act on the heart, without implementing stress and/or overstimulation. These targets provide overall balancing effects on the body through a cascade of benefits. Long-term supplementation would establish these positive effects on the body for an enhanced foundational benefit as a whole.





Connective tissue is the largest biological tissue distributed throughout the body with a wide array of important functions, which include:


-     Shaping and supporting bodily structures

-     Binding and joining muscles, bones, and other interacting systems

-     Strengthening and protecting vulnerable bodily features

-     Supplying nutrients, oxygen and other gases, as well as hormones to pertinent regions

-     Eliminating waste products


Connective tissue forms a significant and essential component of almost every organ.


Throughout the lifespan, the structure and function of connective tissue decline. Some of these age-related changes include:


·         Wrinkling and loss of rigidity of the skin

·         Muscular and joint stiffness

·         Fatigue

·         Weakness

·         Vascular diseases


Recommended Use:

 Helps in connective tissue formation

Ø  Increases cellular development and collagen production

Ø  Improves microcirculation and capillary strength

Helps in wound healing

Ø  Rapid wound contraction

Ø  Heightened degree of epithelialization and skin strength

Source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health

Ø  Reduces lipid peroxidation of LDL cholesterol and cell membranes

Ø  Increases plasma antioxidant levels

Ø  Reduces degradation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid

A factor in the maintenance of good health

Ø  Reduces chronic inflammatory activity

Ø  Supports cardiovascular health

Ø  Supports cognitive function

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