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Pranava Supplement


General Benefits /

Body systems affinity


Specific Benefits

Connective Tissue Integrity


Connective Tissue Integrity

  Connective tissue

  Microcirculation system

  Central nervous system

  Collagen + elastin health

  Cardiovascular system

  Antioxidant support



  Supports skin health

  Helps in wound healing

  Cardiotonic (improves heart function and blood flow)

  Nootropic (cognitive enhancer)

  Anti-anxiety effect and stress support

  Joint support

  Eye health and visual acuity

Metabolic Plus


  Mitochondrial cofactors

  Cellular energy

  Cellular antioxidants

  Methylation support

  Cardiovascular system

  Provides essential (active) nutrients

  Central nervous system

  Helps promote healthy glucose metabolism

  Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins & fats

  Stress support

  Supports fatigue tolerance

  Nootropic (cognitive enhancer)

  Improves blood flow

  Cardioprotective effects

  Helps with migraines


Immune Vitality



  Immune system modulation

  Neuroimmune system (central nervous system & peripheral nervous system)

  Anti-inflammation support

  Antioxidant support

  Cardiovascular system

  Adaptogenic properties

  Helps with chronic fatigue

  Helps with chronic inflammation

  Supports immune function

  Helps with fighting infections, especially of the upper respiratory tract (e.g. common colds)

  Helps with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

  Liver, kidney, and lung protection


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